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What is Kava?

​​Kava Kava is a crop grown in the Pacific Islands that has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes and in social and religious ceremonies. The active ingredients in the plant promote physiological and psychological relaxation making it beneficial for reducing anxiety and physical discomforts, and encouraging social relaxation through a mild euphoric buzz. Although traditional Kava can be an "acquired taste" for some, the effects have made this root tea a popular alternative to alcohol.  The Kava Bar has found flavors that complement and enhance Kava, offering tasty "mocktails" or "Kocktails" for those opposed to the natural earthy and bitter flavor. This, combined with the social, fun, and safe atmosphere that most Kava bars aim to provide, make it a great alternative to bars. 

Is it addictive or harmful?

Kava, even with daily use, has been shown NOT to be addictive. The positive effects on the brain are short lived and users experience no withdrawal symptoms with discontinued use​. In fact, it typically has a reverse tolerance effect on most people, meaning it can take ​multiple uses to feel any effects. Kava has been used for centuries, has been studied and tested, and has been determined to be safe. Despite this, Kava is not recommended for people under 18 years of age. A potential connection to liver toxicity has been cited and it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. So while Kava is beneficial and enjoyable to many people, it is not for everyone and individuals should use discretion when determining if Kava is safe for them.

Do you have daily specials or host social events?

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